Firetruck controls

Firetruck controls

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Think of fire before it starts

Fire Prevention

The precautions to prevent potentially harmful fires, surviving and reducing the damage caused by emergencies.

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Department Information

We provide you with practical actions, advice and resources to prepare for and cope during a range of emergencies.

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Public Education

The tools and information for teaching people of all ages about the fire and how to make choices regarding safety.

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Strategic Plan

The plan focuses on implementing advanced technologies, improving services and resiliency during emergency events.

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Join our fire department

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Inspection Requests
Families saved
Fire Alarm Inspection
Public Meetings

Call us immediately you are the one: 1-234-567-8910

News & Events

La Plata County Enacts Stage 1 Fire Restrictions
La Plata County Enacts Stage 1 Fire Restrictions

On May 12 2020, the La Plata County Board of County Commissioners enacted restrictions effective immediately on open burning...

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Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District asks for property tax increase
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District asks for property tax increase

We have filed paperwork for two ballot measures for the upcoming November 6th election. We welcome questions and the...

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La Plata County Lifts all Fire Restrictions

Please call us for burn permits and call central dispatch prior to control burning.

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Youth Fire Stop Prevention & Intervention Program

Youth Fire Stop is a program designed to prevent misuse of fire by youth in our community and to educate and intervene when endangerment involving fire occurs. Youth Fire Stop has been streamlined in order to make the program more effective.

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They Say

My grandma was saved in a terrible fire. She has instilled in me the belief that those who risk their lives should be thanked, even if they have not done anything to help me.

Teresa Ward
Teresa WardLos Angeles citizen

I couldn't say any word when i saw what these brave men do! I was impressed that these people don't do it for the money, they do it for the love for the profession.

Robert Hoffman
Robert HoffmanNew York citizen

Once the firefighters put down the fire in our house. I want to tell them Thank you for saving our lives and the house. I can't wait to be a firefighter when I grow up.

Arthur Garret
Arthur GarretNew York citizen