Hello Everyone,

As the new year begins, it is important and fun to recognize the many events that happened in 2014.

I’d like to start with Chief Anderson and recognize the leadership and administrative improvements that have been occurring in the department. Chief has professionally represented the district at all levels of the county and continues to maintain positive relationships with other districts and the policy-setting arm of our local government. Further, with input from the department officers, Chief has initiated automation improvements that speed the processing and record keeping of the district. Additionally, we started the process of billing for accidents that occur on our district’s roads when one of our residents are not involved. An example would be the coal truck accidents which occur on our highway. The billing goes through the “at fault” driver’s insurance and the recoupment efforts do not cost our district any funds. We look forward to seeing positive results from this initiative.

From the banquet, recognition goes out to Scott McClellan for 5 years of service and Ben Thorsheim for 15 years of service. Thank you gentleman for being there when the bell sounds.

Doug Ramsey was recognized as the most active responder this year with responses to 52 calls totaling 83 hours.

The Fire Fighter of the Year Award was presented to Will Walsh for continued selfless service to the citizens and visitors of the district.

The coveted “Golden Mike Award” was re-started this year and proudly presented to Robin Walsh. The call that earned her the award was one where Robin was on the radio and asked Will to bring her her radio….hmmmmm :)

From the Board’s perspective, we are on the solid financial footing. Due to our method of setting aside portions of our district tax revenue each year, we are proud to announce we were able to pay off the station three engine, purchase sorely needed command vehicles and provide infrastructure upgrades and maintenance activities before repairs were needed at various stations in the district. All of this was done without encumbering debt.

I humbly speak for all members of the Board when I say this is a people business and while we are proud of the material impacts we were able to affect, the most rewarding part of being on the Board is knowing the member/volunteers are properly supported.

Thank you for reading. Best of all things for you and your families.

Debbie Lee
Board President
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District