Our department is the proud owner of two previously used medic units, thanks to the Board’s commitment to EMS, the good graces of DFRA, and brokering by Justin Wickes. This significant event provides our department with more reliable medical apparatus to better help us serve our community.

The first unit is already in service as Medic 71 out of Station 1. When the next unit is ready, it will be swapped out with Medic 71, so it can go in for some reconditioning and fitting of radios. When complete, it will then replace Medic 73 out of Station 3. I will send out a call for a work detail when it’s time to make the swaps to not only get the job done but familiarize you with the apparatus.

Our inventory of automated external defibrillators (AED) has recently been inspected and redistributed. The AED is a is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses and shocks the potentially life-threatening conditions in a patient with a heart ailment. Thanks to Robin Walsh all batteries and pads on all of our devices have been inspected and replaced as needed. Furthermore, the devices are being redistributed throughout our district so they are available at every station, in either a Medic or Engine (under or near the Officer’s seat). Get to know where the AED is and how it works.

Reminder: Mar 31, 2013, is the National EMT registry expiration date for several members. If you are an Emergency Medical Technician, I encourage you to check your Colorado and National EMT cards and make sure you are the track for when your recertification comes up.