January 10, 2023


Directors: Ginny DeJong

 Brent Van Den Berg

Ted Stahl



Others:     John Lee (Fire Chief)

                 Jeannine Glasby (District Admin. Asst.)

Absent:    Debbie Lee (excused)

                Paul Richardson (excused)

Ginny DeJong called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes Approval: Brent moved that Minutes for the December 13th meeting be approved. Ted seconded the motion; They were approved. Then, Brent moved that the Minutes from the December 22 (Special Session), be approved. Ted seconded the motion. Minutes from both December meetings were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The November financial reports were reviewed and discussed. There was a motion to approve the reports by Brent; Ted seconded the motion. Motion to accept, Checks were reviewed and signed.

Public Comment:

  • Jill Layne’s Donation Letter was signed. 

Office Managers Report:

  • Jeannine presented the Budget Package for Ginny’s signature. Jeannine will submit it to the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), as required.
  • Jeannine will draft a Donation Letter to Williams for the grant they awarded the District.
  • The CSD Pool Safety Grant application for the website build that Jeannine had submitted, was approved. The cost of the website build is $2,250. The grant covers 50% of the cost.

Chief’s Report:

  • The Chief provided the Board with the Department of Fire Prevention and Control (DFPC) Resource Mobilization handout for their information.
  • Chief presented the 2022 Apparatus Maintenance spreadsheet for the Board’s review: E1 rep out of Albuquerque is hoped to fix 030-which can haul water, but not pump. Brent asked if having a water hauler to carry a 4,000 gallon tank would be beneficial. The Chief said that would be a good direction to look to in future apparatus planning.
  • Chief reported on the County Ambulance license. Logan emailed and said the EMS Council is needed to approve. It will need to be posted, informing community of the application being submitted. Expected completion by mid-February.
  • The LN Curtis representative fitted 5 sets of structure gear.
  • Chief said most gear that needs turned in has been, including Kory Zufelt (not time to train) and Stephanie Thorsheim. Chief will be meeting with retired Asst. Chief Thorsheim to complete this.
  • The Chief has talked with other districts and found that Cost of Living increases were given across the board, specifically, at Los Pinos (10%) & Upper Pine (8%). He feels they are necessary.
  • 7 January saw a structure fire at Blue Lake Ranch where the District lost 1 EF Johnson radio and a crinkled fender. T71 got stuck due to the deep snow, in a ditch and required a tow truck to pull it out. An EMS call also went out in the middle of the fire call.
  • The Chief informed the Board of the 53K El Pomar Grant applied for, they awarded and sent a check for 10K. The Chief said it is appreciated and will help in the purchase of radios and hose.
  • There are 25 on the roster; 20 responded in the rolling quarter; 7 were on the largest call; 10 Board certified EMT’s. 278 calls went out in 2022 including the false calls. So 258-260 were realistically the total.
  • EMS Symposium will be 25 February. 9 of the 10 EMT’s planning to attend; Wildland RT 130 is scheduled for 15 April.
  • Chief is looking into the SAFER Grant. Getting the Statement of Work from the Department of Health is the next step.

Old Business:

Action Item Review:

Item #273 was updated to 2023; #282-cancelled; #284-ongoing; #374 was updated to 2023.

  • The ADA website compliance was discussed earlier regarding the funding from the Safety Grant to help pay for it.

New Business:

  • Resolution 2023-0101 – Resolution of the Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District Establishing a Time and Place of Regular Meetings and Designating Places for the Posting of Notices of Regular and Special Meetings. Resolution 2023-0101 was adopted after Brent motioned for adoption; Ted seconded
  • Resolution 2023-0102 – Resolution Authorizing Mail Ballot Election and Appointing a Designated Election Official. Resolution 2023-0102 was adopted after Ted motioned and Brent seconded the motion.

Executive Session: None

Employee Review:

John Lee refused Executive Session for his performance review and was reviewed by the Board.

Jeannine Glasby refused Executive Session for her performance review and was also reviewed by the Board.


Meeting adjourned at 9:01


Respectfully submitted,

Jeannine Glasby
Secretary to the Board
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District