February 21, 2023

Directors: Debbie Lee

 Ginny DeJong

Paul Richardson


Others:     John Lee (Fire Chief)

Jeannine Glasby (District Admin. Asst.)

Absent:   Ted Stahl (excused)

Brent Van Den Berg (excused)

Debbie Lee called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes Approval: Ginny moved that Minutes for the January 10th meeting be approved. Paul seconded the motion; They were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The January financial reports were reviewed and discussed. There was a motion to approve the reports by Paul; Ginny seconded the motion. Motion to accept, Checks were reviewed and signed.
  • Debbie reported that the attorney representing FLMFPD, from Seter and Vander Wall, called and said that the process for buying the land for Station 6 water supply storage and future seasonal building, is moving along.

Public Comment:

  • A thank you card from Debbie Lee, expressing appreciation, was read.
  • An email sent to the Chief regarding a comment on Facebook made by one of the volunteers and the Chief’s addressing of it, were discussed.

Office Managers Report:

  • Williams Donation letter was presented.
  • Jeannine reported on the CFHCBT-Behavioral Health Support as a program that has been funded by the State of CO temporarily but will have an option to be opted into and paid for when those funds run out, by the district. Debbie asked how the program would operate. The Chief would be tuning into the staff and volunteers for any need of that support then would put them in contact with the Tri Ad counselor. Jeannine would support on her end.
  • Jeannine posted the Call for Nominations for the 2023 Election cycle, in the Durango Herald on Feb. 12. She also had it posted on the District website.
  • Jeannine uploaded the FLMFPD Quickbooks file to Frederick Zink & Co to begin the Audit Exemption Application.
  • Ben Sorensen has started working on the website and will be coming out to the Saturday training to take pictures and video footage for the site.

Chief’s Report:

  • Chief said that Travis will be attending a Board Meeting, quarterly, so he can gain some more experience in the District workings.
  • Chief reported on the County Ambulance license. It was approved. Luke went to the BOCC meeting. Logan will send the licensure. Luke will then send it to Public Health in Denver for the next part of the process.
  • Chief reported the SAFER grant to be $0 cost share. He and Luke will continue forward with the application.
  • Scott Sholes, EMS Chief with DFR, asked if FLMFPD would be a part of local event EMS support. The Chief said he would bring it to the Board.

Agenda items for New Business were discussed at this time in the meeting.

New Business:

  • Debbie led the discussion on the CWPP (Community Wildfire Protection Plan) draft. State Funding requires counties to have a CWPP. Debbie will write the comment to submit to Alison, in an email.
  • Also presented by Chief and discussed, was the Fire Response Plan from Primergy in connection to the proposed Hesperus Solar Project, which is going through the permitting process with La Plata County. The Board agreed that FLMFPD would provide emergency response for industry & activities that are approved by the county. The Chief said coordination would be in place just as in all other responding.
  • The Job Announcement draft was reviewed and revised. Jeannine was given the ok to post it internally, after the revisions are completed. The Chief asked for the ok to put 3 on a Resource Order if it was required. The Board approved a volunteer as in the past for Resource Orders.

Chief’s Report Cont’d:

  • There are 24 responders on the Roster, 20 on the largest call for February.
  • 9 of the 10 EMT’s are scheduled for the EMS Symposium Feb 25.
  • Areanna Crawford turned in her gear.
  • The Chief told the Board of the need to put rain gutters on the back of Station 1 to direct runoff.
  • The plan is to move a tank to Station 4, in the Spring.
  • Travis and Chief reviewed the driver’s program and it will continue, with a “license” given to responders for each level of training completed.
  • Ordering with the El Pomar grant funds is beginning.
  • Thursday night trainings; Monday job performance training (JPR) for FFI & FFII at SJC,
  • Wildland RT- Apr 15th

Old Business:

Action Item Review:

Item #284 was marked complete; #346-complete; #271-bring numbers for next meeting. Debbie Asked that Pay or Bonus be added to the AI List, for the Budget Cycle.

  • Debbie asked Jeannine to get answers to the average turnaround for Cost Recovery payment.
  • The Board in regard for the consideration of COL increase, said they would like to do a budget review in March. They would be leaning more toward a bonus, if it was warranted, rather than a pay increase.
  • The Chief shared his Employee Reviews of T. Schmitt and L. Reitz, with the Board.

The Chief clarified for the Board that, For the SAFER grant; 1 application was for 4 people @ $54,000/ea.; the other application is for a Volunteer Coordinator. As has not been the case with other SAFER grants, it is not required to retain the job positions after the grant expires. Luke and Chief are finding information, utilizing webinars.

Executive Session: None

Meeting adjourned at 9:00

Respectfully submitted,

Jeannine Glasby
Secretary to the Board
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District