April 11, 2023

Directors: Debbie Lee (via phone)

 Ginny DeJong

Ted Stahl


Others:     John Lee (Fire Chief)

Jeannine Glasby (District Admin. A)

Travis Schmitt

Excused:  Brent Van Den Berg

Paul Richardson

Ginny DeJong called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

All stood for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes Approval: Ted moved the Minutes of March 14th meeting, be approved. Ginny seconded the motion; They were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • The March financial reports were reviewed and discussed. There was a motion to approve the reports by Debbie; Ted seconded the motion. Motion to accept, Checks were reviewed and signed.

Public Comment:

  • None

Office Managers Report:

  • Jeannine reported she had received an additional bill for a Dispatch “Base Fee”, which has never been billed before. She will be checking into it. The Board agreed we had already paid the bill for 2022. Debbie asked that she get copies of the original contract and the past 5 yrs. bills, for a file.

Chief’s Report:

  • Chief reported that there are 24 on the Roster; 22 responded in the rolling quarter.
  • He said that the RT 130 training would be happening April 15th.
  • The PacTest is being offered.
  • Chief noted that they are transitioning into Spring.
  • O’Donnell and Beals are staffing for this year’s Resource Orders. 

Old Business:

Action Item Review: Done.

  • The Board ratified Resolution: 2023-0302 Resolution for Exemption from Audit. Debbie made a motion to ratify the Resolution; Ted seconded

It was approved. The Audit had been previously approved by the Board.

  • Jeannine confirmed that the website was online and active through Ascent Digital, LLC. She will be meeting virtually with one of their team to learn how to post Agenda and Board Minutes along with anything else she will need to do there.

New Business:

Forgotten earlier in the meeting:

The application for Alexandra Quarles-Adams was presented to the Board for approval, at this point. She has already attended training. The Board approved her application.

Debbie asked about ambulance grant progress. It is moving forward.

She also mentioned the process for the land acquiring for Station 6 is moving forward. The County is wanting Right of Way. 

Executive Session: None 

Meeting adjourned at 7:08

Respectfully submitted,

Jeannine Glasby
Secretary to the Board
Fort Lewis Mesa Fire Protection District

Download April Board Minutes here: Minutes 041123